So, these actually arent useless. In fact, they’re great for people who are on their feet all day, children, people who garden, and anyone who needs shoes and likes them. Rumor has it they’re also technically edible (like in a worst case scenario type of way, not like a midday snack type of way). That alone should make them medically necessary.

Now, I’m currently obsessed with Crocs because I just got a pair. Its not that they’re that awesome as far as shoes go. I love them because I get to tell my friends I just got a pair of Crocs and they think:

But in reality, I got these:

So they all stumble over themselves trying to phrase “if you wear these out to dinner with me I’m leaving” in a nice way and I just let them think I’ve completely lost my personal style until they see that they’re really just sandals. It’s good fun.

Now, if anyone has tried them (and by that I mean tried to eat them) feel free (or mandated) to share a comment.

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