Superior Pets

I think bald cats are adorable. I’m going to need one to be friends with my future tea cup piglet. These are amazing pets because they don’t shed, they could probably scare off a burglar better than a dog, and everyone has a regular cat and/or dog.

Also, notice I have filed this under the elusive ‘Necessary’ category.


P.S. Word to the wise: DO NOT google image “bald animals.” Its upsetting.

P.P.S. I entitled this post “Superior Pets” not just because I think bald animals are adorable, but also to piss off all you lovers of normal animals. I personally find that funny, sorry that you most likely do not.

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2 Responses to Superior Pets

  1. schwizzle says:

    look! kittens snuggling! you should snuggle like they do.

  2. Buffyluvr22 says:

    When you get one, you must get a desk cat seat for both your piglet an your hairless beauty.


    Ps hairless things are KEWL

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