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So the other day, the ex-roommate sent me this link. In general, most of it is awesome, but what really takes the cake is this: Not only is this necessary, but I feel that my health insurance should pay for … Continue reading

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Morphine Lips

Its the opportunity to have that feeling you get at the dentist when they numb you up at home…only free¬†for the same price as your copay! I tried this product a few days ago when my friend whipped it out … Continue reading

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So, these actually arent useless. In fact, they’re great for people who are on their feet all day, children, people who garden, and anyone who needs shoes and likes them. Rumor has it they’re also technically edible (like in a … Continue reading

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Useless Crap You Don’t Need

But yet you most likely have it. In honor of a certain comment left by Annie-fan Rachael, I will do a post on tanning. Namely, here’s why I don’t do it: 1. It’s stupid. I’m not saying being tan is … Continue reading

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Superior Pets

I think bald cats are adorable. I’m going to need one to be friends with my future tea cup piglet.¬†These are amazing pets because they don’t shed, they could probably scare off a burglar better than a dog, and everyone … Continue reading

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