Useless Crap for Adults

I don’t really drink, and I have no reason to lie to you because not only do I not know you, but I am 21. So, if I wanted to drink it would be perfectly fine. I just don’t. I imagine drinking acid feels similarly to the way drinking alcohol feels for me. (And as a side note: my parents might actually be the most disappointed of everyone I know about this because they’ve been waiting for a Napa family vacation for years….I offered to come and be the driver.)

Anyhow, I bring this up because I recently turned 21. When I turned 18 I had joked about going out to buy cigarettes and porn, but that dream never came to fruition. I figured now that I’m 21 I should buy some alcohol though. So, obviously, I went out and bought the prettiest bottle I saw and am now using it to decorate my room. I have the clear skull (Crystal Head Vodka if you too would like to decorate your room…or drink it) sitting on a shelf in my room. I bought it about a month ago and although its still sealed, I want more. I think it looks quite lovely in my room.

I may go out and buy the colored ones too. I’ll just tell myself (like my parents foolishly like to tell themselves) that my tastes will mature and I’ll appreciate alcohol one day. And by then maybe the drink will be better aged. You do age vodka right?

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One Response to Useless Crap for Adults

  1. schwizzle says:

    i want this for my next half birthday, no diva cup crap.

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