In the Sequel, I Will Take Facebook Down With My Lawsuit

Dear pretty much everyone,

I’m not seeing the Facebook movie, even if it is a David Fincher movie.

Why, you ask.

Because Facebook blows. I understand why people have pages, but its basically stalking and maintaining friendships not really worth maintaining made easy. If you didn’t have a Facebook page, how many of your friend’s birthdays would you remember? Also, how many less people would you be mad at for going out and not inviting you? You’d probably have a lot less friends without one, but they’d be better friends. And, you’d probably be a way more productive person in general.

Over the summer I deleted mine, but then my cousin opened firefox to log onto her Facebook and because it remembered my password I was logged in and my page was undeleted. Hence, Facebook sucks more because you cant really delete anything.

I dont like it, and I know everyone else does.

So, enjoy the movie, I will be sulking at home routing for the bad guys to win the lawsuit.



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One Response to In the Sequel, I Will Take Facebook Down With My Lawsuit

  1. Rachael says:

    You spelled “rooting” incorrectly.

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