Waterproof Cameras

I decided I needed this after reading this blog post (on Pacing the Panic Room) about an underwater camera. The film just look so cool. My facebook profile would be so much more original and I could finally take down my myspace style self shot.


-It takes pictures UNDER WATER!

-I’m from Southern California where swimming is a pretty normal sport/recreation activity year round. Therefore, this is way more necessary when you think about it.

-After having purchased a D90, this price seems excellent for a camera.

Flaws with my plans to pressure my parents into buying this:

-When you really think about it, I spend 9 of my 12 months in Ann Arbor where its still way too cold to swim most of the time, and by the time I graduate something much better will be out.

-After having spent my entire childhood and the majority of my adolescence on a swim team, I actually really don’t like to swim anymore, except of course in theory with this camera.

-By the looks of it, its designed for much younger kids with much more free time, and will be obsolete very soon.

I’m thinking this might actually make it on my holidays gift request list.

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2 Responses to Waterproof Cameras

  1. greennotmean says:

    Firstly, your blog still continues to make me laugh out loud. Secondly, you were on a swim team?! How did I not know this piece of vital information? Thirdly, I want one. And lastly, I like how you provided the reader with links at the bottom (such as pacing the panic room, etc). I’d say I’m a regular on uselesscrapyouneed. Post more!!

  2. jpwnoffke says:

    An underwater camera is something that is absolutely critical to have on your blog – I totally don’t need it, but I really freakin’ want it. I like the humor that you continue to throw into your blog – it makes it nice for the reader to take a break, imagine what it would be like to possess something like an underwater camera, and then get a laugh or two to boot!

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