So, at least everyone I’ve consulted about this thinks that Vuvuzelas are awesome. I personally find them annoying as hell, and made this the 5th World Cup in a row that I didn’t watch more than thirty minutes of (Surprise! I’m a terrible person with no spirit).

Recently, my ex roommate and her two new (and lets be honest – improved) roommates invested in these. I officially wont be sitting next to them at any upcoming football games (mainly because I don’t go to those either, told you I suck).

And now for my random comments, why the hell is someone from Baltimore selling this? Transfer? Also, my roommate paid thirty something for this and here its on sale for nine, haha (you deserve it for all the mean comments you keep leaving on this).

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7 Responses to Vuvuzelas

  1. Rachael says:

    UM NO. I paid $30 for THREE. Suck it. But these are seriously amazing and yes, completely useless. I am; however, very sad you did not include a picture of mine. Also, don’t hate on Baltimore. It’s in the best state ever. Other than Michigan. & Not California.

  2. Rachael says:

    And you spelled “paid” as “payed”. Way to go, English major.

  3. Emily says:

    While that buzzing sound is obnoxious and terrifying…they’re so freaking fun! My friends and I went to a soccer game this summer and bought a tacky orange one. It’s just awful and hilarious and make soccer a million times more fun. I feel like it was kind of the best thing to happen to the sport? But, obviously you’re completely right about they’re annoying nature and $30 being way too much for one of these babies.

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